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Yuya Sakaki Yu-Gi-Oh! FANDOM

Yuya Sakaki Yu-Gi-Oh! FANDOM

Yuya Sakaki Yu-Gi-Oh! FANDOM

  1. An angry Yuya blame Declan, what’s happening with the other and tried to punch him, but Declan caught his fist and instead suggested for you to duel, because they were duelists Yuya accepted.
  2. But Yuya activates duel with Juri to take on Zarc Yuya body simply dismissed his existence revived once.
  3. Moon Shadow is not approached his room with the explanation that Declan was the task of the other Lancers to the subway, and that he had lost Shinji on purpose, in order to collect information.
  4. You criticized him for not trying to reduce their forces, but Yuya replied that he would not fight dirty and didn’t want the duel to end just yet.
  5. He asked Sora, why the Professor wanted to Zuzu and her colleagues, and he learned, you may make a connection with the aquarium project.
  6. He came to you to find Show, Nico Smiley gives him a free pass in the Junior Arc League championship.
  7. During your match, Barrett tried to convince Yuya to give up and give Zuzu location and Celina back with him.
  8. Yuya suspected that the duelist knew his father and asked him to tell him what happened between them, but the duelist refused.
  9. Yuya managed to save himself with an Action card, but he was still aroused, and he short contact with Declan, before they get angry and directs his attention to Leo..
  10. This action continues, the audience shocked at the duel Palace, as well as Yuya, Frank, Amanda, Tanner, Sam, and Chojiro.
  11. Shinji and Chojiro convinced Yuya in a duel tournament between Yuya, Chojiro and Sylvio, but Yuya was distracted for most of the tournament until he saw the Gong and the crow, the jumps him and Dennis in the prison in the upper levels.
  12. He asked to see, Shay, as he had said a lot of questions to him, but Kit him that Shay even give him the time of day.
  13. Yuya helped the Shay on his feet, but Shay denied that Lulu was gone, claimed to have Yuto seen within Yuya, as he ended the duel and explained that his hope for their survival was enhanced.

He then returned to consideration of what is wanted Leo, that the four of them discussed for Yuto, and both about the darkness that possessed you. He walked with Declan to the three-dimensional corridor-gate, remnants of ARC-V, associated with the Four dimensions, to go to the Xyz Dimension.

It is thanks to Yuya and Shay, the Kite has a change of heart and a duel decides the style to Yuya and Yusho, in his duel against Dennis McField in front of his mentor. Yuya learned that the crow was in the planning of the escape from the prison, and he tried to go, but the Crow refused to let him.

  1. This made Yuya stop and remember Skip’s words and teachings that Yuya needs the example of other people for themselves as a pioneer of pendulum summoning, so like his father, the pioneer of Action duels, and in return was that Yuya realized, the pendulum summon to do his own, not borrowed from someone else.
  2. Yuya comforted him and told him to Riley, the goosebumps, the next time, until he suddenly remembered Sora claims that there is no second Chance in battle, and froze.
  3. Shinji accused the match of being fixed, but Roget put him in his place and sent Shinji to the underground laboratory facility.
  4. Sora, you looked unsuccessfully for Zuzu at the duel Academy and had learned that Leo wanted to Zuzu and Celina, so he returned back to Standard Dimension only to that Declan is formed, the Uhlan, so he came to the Synchro Dimension..
  5. Zarc is trying to regain control, but Yuya stops him to increase, Riley Ray’s LP equal to its ATK to a monster.

Hearing Aura’s statement about the presence of other hearts in him, Yuya realized that the other heart was none other than Yuto and his anger for what happened during the duel-Academy invasion was, what was the trigger for his change.

Yuya added, the two conditions for the two-fight: would stop if he won, Sora to him and called him the teacher, but if Sora won, he would continue to follow him. But you heard a scream and ran to the place, to find only a card with a duel Academy student.

  • Yuya tried to go with Sora and moon shadow to get Zuzu, but was dissuaded by Moon Shadow, who is the most injured of the three, causing him to go out more.
  • Yuya started to walk towards Yuri and told that he had won, by only focusing on the win Declan’s Council had accidentally Yuya caused to succumb to Zarc, and Yuya told him, he would always win, until the world was destroyed.

Angry, Yuya began to awaken; Yuto empathized and tried to calm him complete possession of his body. After a moment, Roget activates an inter-dimensional Transport machine, the teleported, Zuzu, Yuya, Gong, Shay, and Sylvio. Leo explains how he created four cards, was able to defeat the Supreme king, Z-ARC, but that they were stolen by his daughter Ray, defeated Zarc and split Zarc, Ray, and the Original Dimension in four. Yuya rejected, not wanted, the special treatment, but he could duels Nico to his next four.. Yuya refused and repeated his determination to prevent that Celina’s and Zuzu’s. When he saw a signal flare, he realized that it is you draw, the location of Celina as signalled by the Obelisk force.

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Dating heaven

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Dating heaven
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