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  1. Led by a carnival band in green costumes, about 100 supporters of the Ancient Forest Alliance borrowed images from the blockbuster hit Avatar in their protest against the logging of primary forests, and marched to the Vancouver Art Gallery, with its message that the provincial government will have more measures for the protection of this scarce landscapes of TOMORROW Saturday, 27.
  2. March – RALLY for Ancient forests and forestry jobs.
  3. Wu said that the push, the more the country takes in a wide variety of needs, including protection of the water catchment areas that supply drinking water, and help the tourism in the natural areas that keep intact.
  4. Old-growth forests to protect, While the provincial government has cordoned off thousands of hectares to protect old growth forests, none are located in the Alberni valley.
  5. When meeting with you, share your concerns, an overview of the basic information that we have, and try to convince you to take a favorable stance, if you have not already done so.
  6. The Ministry recently rejected a proposal by the Port Renfrew chamber of Commerce and the Sooke Regional Tourism Association for the protection of the grove in its entirety, with the argument that 24 percent of the grove is in an old-growth management area, and that is sufficient protection..
  7. The Ancient Forest Alliance and The Land Conservancy the right to use the name of the species will be auctioned to the highest bidder.
  8. We are making great progress, thanks to the help of many dedicated individuals have come and the donations of AFA supporters and local businesses.
  9. Avatar Grove, has to be rescued, A recent Forest Practices Board report notes that only one per cent of the Gordon valley landscape unit consists of protected monumental trees over 400 years old.
  10. World’s Largest Douglas fir Threatened by the Proposed logging in the Adjacent Old-growth forest, A new proposed logging cutblock in the vicinity of the world’s largest Douglas-fir, the Red Creek Fir, it was found that timber West, a BC-based logging company.

The image has been chosen by the Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition-in an exhibition in the summer of this year in the Royal Geographical Society in London and around national forest locations in England.



the largest spruce in Canada in the wood volume, as a large part of its main trunk broke in a heavy storm not so long ago.

  • Watchdog wants big trees protected The watchdog board investigated a complaint about massive old-growth trees cut near Port Renfrew and concluded that, although the forest company -Teal Cedar Products Ltd.- did nothing wrong, government and forest companies should pay more attention to trees of exceptional size, form, age or historical significance.
  • Science Matters: the spotted owl is becoming more difficult and more difficult, When the northern spotted owl is healthy, it is a good sign that the old-growth forests in which they live, are healthy.
  • It is in the unceded territory of the Sts’ailes First Nations band (formerly the Chehalis Indian Band).
  • You said that you think that registration would also be a way of eco-tourism threaten it in the Region through the destruction of a large section of the popular wall, the Mt.
  • Sally Aitken to help in the UBC faculty of forestry in its work, the trees, adapting to a rapidly changing climate..

The article talks with Dr. Please note that the San Juan is the spruce the 2. The provincial and regional representatives have an interest in the protection of this world-class old-growth. Here is a good article about their recent celebration and the history of the struggle for the old-growth forests on Meares Island in the early 1980s, the store has really sparked the campaign to Vancouver Island, old growth forests over 30 years ago.





A Channel news – giant fir conservationists Threatened to tell the BC government is in the process of the future of the World’s largest Douglas fir tree in jeopardy. The technical language will then be translated by qualified volunteers in Chinese for the participants to study. TJ Watt Exclusive Interview Canadian landscape environmental photographer TJ Watt is a professional photographer living in the city of Victoria on Vancouver island, BC. Threatened b. A big thanks goes out to Victoria MEC for the support of the Fund of the Ancient forest Alliance of BC-slideshow tour as well as our public hikes to the Avatar Grove, the next in the autumn. C. The forest industry pays for many services NOTE: The following letter to the editor by Dave Lewis of the Truck Loggers Association, who support raw log exports and apparently the demise of union jobs in the forest service fails to mention that the long-term decline in the coastal forest industry over the period of 20 years due to the depletion of old-growth resource (the biggest, best and most easily accessible trees in the lower elevations), that ancient forests are worth more economically, when factoring in tourism, hunting, fishing, non-timber forest products, and carbon storage (according to a 2007 SFU study on the Fraser TSA), and that the government is the elimination of processing requirements without any incentives to the investment in the second-growth, processing and value-added manufacturing has been instrumental to the downfall of a huge part of the industry and of the workforce (ie.. You can see some of the largest old growth trees in BC and learn about the plants and ecology, as well as on the status of BCS globally threatened coastal rain forest. The AFA is to buy Ken Wu speaks about the need for a provincial park acquisition Fund (similar to those of many regional districts), private Land for protection in a much larger scale. The proposed extension in the new management plan for the Tree Farm licence 61, would protect the part in the possession of the Pacheedaht band, about 30% of the 61 acres that are still unprotected in the Jurassic Grove (total grove size 130 hectares). forest of the \\\”Avatar Grove\\ called\” His stories left could have, the critics and the Academy cold. The Port Alberni watershed-Forest Alliance and Ancient Forest Alliance have urged the BC government — which deregulated the land in 2004 — work on the conservation of McLaughlin ridge and other endangered old-growth forests jeopardized by Island Timberlands. Saving Our Ancient forests – slide show and lecture Join TJ Watt, and Hannah Carpendale and Michelle Connolly from the Ancient forest Alliance to learn more about the ecology and politics of BC’s ancient forests and find out how YOU can participate and save in the growing movement to them. In the most General way of looking at the world a system of 2 make describes two of the \\\”isolated\\\” equations, in which the other body is disregarded, an interaction equation, and a \\\”field\\\” equation (how the system behaves in the absence of the body. Previous recipients of the Frank Sanford Award for Community Service, the late mountaineer and conservationist John Clarke, journalist Larry Pynn, in and outdoor writer Jack Christie. Earth day Media Release: Avatar by James Cameron Invited to Visit the eco-group, the in danger of extinction \\\”Avatar Grove\\\” of Old trees, British, Colombian environmentalists with the new environmental group, the Ancient Forest Alliance, an invitation for James Cameron, the Director of the blockbuster film Avatar, the visit of the spectacular but endangered old-growth forest on Vancouver Island, support the nickname of \\\”Avatar Grove\\\” and their protection. Scientific research shows that BC coastal old growth forests store two times more carbon per hectare than the ensuing second-growth tree plantations, which it has displaced – and the second-growth plantations are easy to try to absorb the re-seizure-or re-carbon, which is lost in the atmosphere after logging of the original old-growth forests

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Dating heaven
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Dating heaven
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Dating heaven
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