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But to reconcile his scientific findings with his personal religious beliefs, Cuvier postulated a series of catastrophic events, could account for both the presence of fossils, and the immutability of the existing types Bioinformatics plays an important role in enabling scientists to predict where a drug molecule binding inside a protein, since the individual structures of the molecules. His early years he spent as a surgeon at the gladiatorial arena, which gave him the opportunity to observe the details of the human anatomy. With improved techniques, it may be possible to produce precursors of actual or self-replicating life from inanimate substances. For example, only the silkworm Bombyx mori is not used to produce silk for trade, but also the principle of biological control is understood by means of a kind of insect, an entomophagous (insect-eating) ant, to destroy insects that bored into trees. Because those old documents, think a mixture of fact and but, probably summarized the then current knowledge, it can be assumed that their contents had been known to the previous generations.. Therefore, biologists began to pay much more attention to the relations of beings to each other as well as to their biotic and abiotic environments. It is believed that early in his career, in contrast to the trend in the time in which the teacher is the actual dissection of the left to a subordinate, Mondino led to many dissections. Latin learning, on the other hand, rapidly increasing, was best, perhaps, by the mid-13th century, the German scholar Albertus Magnus (Saint Albert the Great), was probably the greatest naturalist of the middle ages. This concept, which emphasized the use and disuse of organs as the significant factor in determining the properties of an individual, postulated that any changes in the individual transfer could be to the offspring through the germ cells. Although a precise Dating of these early records are missing, a Babylonian business contract of the Hammurabi period ( C. The experiments appeared irrefutable until the Italian physiologist Lazzaro Spallanzani repeated it, and received conflicting results. Two other factors contributed significantly to the development of botany at the time: the first was the establishment of the Botanical gardens of the universities, as distinct from the earlier gardens that had been established for medicinal plants; second, the collection of dried Botanical was specimens, or herbaria. 1800 BC.) the male flower of the date palm is mentioned as an article of trade, and the descriptions of the time of harvest, extend back to about 3500 BC. The Declaration on human cloning adopted, which called in 2005 by the United Nations, the member States shall prohibit the cloning of humans, although it is left open, the pursuit of therapeutic cloning. He was of a to describe the first, in the earth as a globe, not a flat plane, Anaximander proposed that life arose spontaneously in mud and the first animals had to arise, were to cover the fish with a spiny skin

Further joint projects, the International HapMap project, an outgrowth of the HGP and the 1000 genomes project, focusing on data from the HapMap effort followed, including. As a result, the study of the molecular organization of the cell, had a huge impact on the biology in the course of the 20th and 21 century.. Because of this difficulty, Theophrastus was the development of a scientific nomenclature, by a special significance to words, which then, in a more or less electricity to use; for example, \”karpos\” for fruit and perikarpion seed ship. He also described the individual pollen grains and observed that the Transport of bees, but he did not know the significance of this observation. In gene knockout a functional gene by using recombinant DNA technology is replaced by an inactivated gene that is created. With the invention of the electron microscope, the fine organization of the plastids used for the various parts of the process could be, for further quantitative studies. Included in this level, studies of the roles that certain species of plants and animals, play in the complex and self-preserving correlations, which exist between the living and the inanimate world, as well as studies of the built-in controls to maintain these relationships, of course. He wrote a detailed monograph on the silk spinner; another important contribution is the description of the development of the chick, beginning with the 24-hour stage

Although the Arab scholars themselves were not great innovators, they discovered the works of such men as Aristotle and Galen, translated these works into Arabic, studied them, and wrote comments about it. As a result, the field of biology, contributions of and contributions to many other disciplines in the Humanities and in the Sciences. From 300 BC until the time of Christ, all the essential biological progress. The technical problem was not solved until the invention of the achromatic lenses, which were introduced about 1830. the doctors in Alexandria In addition, if the work was published, little was known about the cell, and the processes of mitosis and meiosis were completely unknown. But if he is allowed to pollinate the plants, the generation itself (fertilize themselves), their offspring (the second filial generation) showed the characters of the grandparents, rather in a consistent ratio of three tall to one short. Systematization and classification, however, was dominated for centuries biology in large parts of the 17th and 18th, and it was realized during this time that the importance of the comparative study of living organisms, including humans.. The fact that the organisms developed during prehistoric times and that new variations are constantly evolving can be verified by paleontological records, as well as by breeding experiments in the laboratory. As a result the development of ever more powerful and precise laboratory instruments and techniques, it is possible to understand and to define, with high precision and accuracy, only the ultimate physicochemical organization (ultra structure) of the molecules in living matter, but also the way, no matter reproduces at the molecular level. Their well-preserved mummies show that they had a thorough understanding of the preservative properties of herbs required for embalming; plant necklaces and bas-reliefs from various sources also show that the ancient Egyptians were well aware of the medicinal value of certain plants

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Dating heaven
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