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There were some series that were built of low quality wood and the body made of several pieces etc, but the current quality is very good. You hit the Callaham, and I actually found a dealer in Germany:) quite expensive, but do you think it is worth, in the Mexican Standard-upgrade-package, which claims to give you the vintage-style sound, feel and stability. Wee bit of a stretch budget-wise, but if I remove it, looks like a good versatile guitar (which I also am). I respect you as a generous person, and admire you as a guitar player, so I would like to pick your brain every chance I get.

  • Based on your setup I would go for something versatile to be able to cover how to get the ground as possible, and tones the vicinity of Gilmour.
  • I love the “7.25 readius grew up on a 1965 transition logoed Strat as my first guitar back in 1967.
  • The TS pickups, a vintage Flair, with a bit more midrange and output compared to the 50s and 60s models.
  • I could only afford just yet, the Patriot, the purchase of a BK Butler Tube Driver is for the time being, off the table.
  • Not complaining, just find it strange, and would not use nothing that I’ve played, and really think that for those looking for the Vintage authentic Gilmour tones, you are not the best vintage Fender style pickups.

The current version of the Black Strat, feature early 70s neck and middle pickups, which are pretty similar to the stock pickups (it is fair to assume), but a Duncan SSL1c (identical to the SSL5), which has a lot more power, with a mid-range and low-end is increased. The trem block is the same style as David, based on Fender’s vintage specs, but the quality is not the same. I haven’t decided what pickups I want, but I am torn between CS69s with the SSL5 bridge setup, and the Burns Trisonic set of Brian May (I know, two completely different sounds).. But I also saw (never tried it), the Ash American Deluxe, and looks beautiful and very well built. The Strat HSS is a mixture of modern and vintage specs, which should fit to the majority of players and musical styles. I am a happy man, as my model maple head plate came with figured, which is absolutely beautiful, the glossy surface (I did not see my guitar on the web, so I could it in advance).

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  1. The Classic series comprises faithful reprints of the original 50s, 60s and 70s models with the best features and sounds from every decade.
  2. P90s are also a good alternative if you find STRATO-caster and Telecaster a bit thin or flat sounding to your bedroom decor..
  3. Squier guitars were made in Japan, Korea, Mexico, India, Indonesia, China and the United States.
  4. In 1983 I ordered a Fullerton Stratocaster ’57 Reissue made in black nick naming her \\\”Blackie\\\” according to the EC version.
  5. The standard radius on the Warmoth neck is a connection, 10 and 6 and I was wondering to try the more standard Fender-9 5.
  6. What I meant was, that you the sound and feel is also better with better pickups and maybe better hardware.
  7. Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I was just never a basswood fan, and the only guitars I see in the States, and Basswood, are the cheapest of the squiers, and so on.

This combination kind of reminds me of the sound of my P90 PRS McCarty in the neck position.

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I let my friend, the judge of the skills I have developed in my own repairs, mods and setups for over 30 years, but I’ve decided, with the construction of the Strat to begin and Tele-style guitars, the uncle Ebb’s brand. I could easily speak with the seller in the business a few words, the result of a poor line of long distance call. This was done because I wanted a Fender tremolo spring, and without the grub screw at the bottom of the hole, the spring would fall through. Thank you.. I had already have a sunburst MIM strat and the black MIA strats with rosewood necks I’ve played for the last 17 years. With CS’54 pickups, Callaham Vintage style Trem system (with short arm) and the obligatry black pickguard. Mine looks like Gilmour’s\”Black Strat\”, the sound is very close to its original, and there are rumors that it could be from the extra pieces of the special Gilmour custom shop. They are OK, but for David’s tones I would consider to swap for something a bit more \\\”vintage\\\” sounds. It is more, what kind of guitar that you prefer and feel comfortable, and what pedals and amps you combine with it. I wonder if you thought, your value will always be the callaham S vintage tremelo with the gilmour-bar or just the shortened gilmour bar for use with the existing tremolo I have. The string is touching a fret, but it also resonates on the wood and around the neck and body

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