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  1. The Gateway also has five bridges in total, they removed to other places of interest of Mumbai, the Elephanta caves and Alibaug.
  2. It is said that the Church also houses the blood of Pope John Paul II, visited our country in 1986.
  3. They have a spa, outdoor pool, beauty salon, fitness room and also a luxury shopping area, directly on the Website.
  4. Around 30,000 people visit the dargah every week, and ad-per legends it is said that the Saint had once visited India to spread the teachings of Islam.
  5. The Asiatic society is about Asian studies, were launched, with an intention to promote every kind of useful knowledge.

The interior is made with a mirror, and on some parts of the Shrine, you will also see verses from the Koran were space-consuming.. The arch of the monument was the Muslim style of architecture and decoration was done with Hindu-style. The temple was built, and since then, there is a widespread belief that anyone who prays will be blessed by the goddess, with the completion of a project successfully.

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And as the popular adage says, those who have lived in Mumbai for more find it to be like hard, or in love with a different city. He wanted his Empire in the Sahyadri mountain range, so that it stands as a symbol of pride and courage, that the Empire is reflected strongly in these times. One of the most striking features of this idol is that unlike other Ganesha idols of the tribe the idol to Sidhivinayak faces of the right-hand side. Some of these manuscripts were written on paper, while there are also some, which were written on a sheet. Before he died, he asked his followers to keep the coffin with his corpse into the sea. The best time for a visit to the Marine drive at night, when there is relatively little audience, and it is a significant peace you feel in this time. The cool breeze that flows, waves and all the lights makes the feeling to be sitting here, a beautiful. For so many years, the temple deserves more popularity and with the growing popularity of the structure of the temple also changed. If you want to experience and see the beauty of this Church, it is better to visit on days when it is less crowded. It is an attraction within this attraction and that is the beautiful Qawwali-Khana, where you have to hold Qawwali recitals every Friday. And because it is a city for all, Mumbai has restaurants that are fancy and also the right road. India took advantage of the situation, and it is said that the traders have earned around £ 80 million, that’s a lot of money. The beautiful architecture, impressive landscapes and the view is spectacular, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is another tourist attraction of the city. The Hotel is located in the heart of Mumbai, this hotel offers spectacular views of the Marine drive, which is one of the most famous attractions of this city.. Compared to this beautiful landmark of Mumbai, is also a statue of Shivaji, has a historical significance

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Originally, Gandhi sealing compound called as Rajiv, this bridge was built, nicely over the Arabian sea, and it was begun, completed in the year 2000 received in the year 2010. The architecture of this term is heavily inspired by Victorian Gothic styles, and it is one of the first to be set up in Mumbai. Century, in 1831, of Dhakji Dadaji, used to be a part of the Patharwe Prabhu community.. For those who are planning to visit Mumbai for a short holiday, you can choose to experience a stay here for a luxurious and pampered. If you are visiting Mumbai for work purpose, then let us say that the Grand Hyatt also has a meeting room to your needs and requirements. The Taj Mahal Palace hotel is almost 112 years old and it still has the same chamr and beauty that it had at the time. This temple is located very close to the Haji Ali and most of the people make it to visit the point, the attractions to visit whenever in the area. This beautiful temple was built, back in the 9. It is said that Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan had once met with an unfortunate incident and was injured during the filming of Coolie. Some say that there is no truth to this story, however, was whatever the history, and Mumbai, have a lovely hotel in a picture-perfect place. Since it was such an important and significant discovery, they decided to build a temple to the idol of this goddess

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